Summer Research Internship Program

Join an undergraduate community of 90+ students with access to more than 40 professional and developmental workshops, made possible by 1,000+ researchers at MU working to promote discovery for animal and human health, food, physical sciences, and the environment.

Applications for Summer 2019 now available!

About the program:Summer 2016 Interns

  • 9 weeks (May 28 – July 27, 2019)
  • Stipends starting from $3,400
Some programs provide:
  • On-campus housing
  • Meal plan
  • Transportation to and from Columbia, MO for the program

Professional Development and Social Activities:


  • Weekly workshops and seminars
  • Small group seminars of the students’ choosing
  • Intern & Mentor BBQ, trivia night, team-building challenges, and other social activities
  • Graduate Program Expo
  • Poster Forum to present research at the conclusion of the program

2018 Summer Seminars:

  • Dr. Michele Kennett, Office of Research – “Responsible Conduct of Research”
  • Dr. Charlotte Phillips, Biochemistry – “Responsible Conduct of Research”
  • Dr. Angela Speck, Physics, – “Science Communication and Outreach”
  • Dr. Laura Page – “Three Minute Thesis”
  • Dr. Tim Evans, Veterinary Pathobiology – “Making Research Relevant:Why the Model Matters”
  • Dr. Enos Inniss, Civil and Environmental Engineering – “The One Water Concept: Is wastewater, drinking water, and storm water not the same?”
  • Dr. Gavin King, Physics and Astronomy – “Adventures in Single Molecule Biophysics”
  • Dr. Jonathan Dyer, Pediatric Dermatology – “Spider Bites, Teledermatology and Genetically-Inherited Diseases: My Life as a Pediatric Dermatologist”
  • Dr. Antoinette Landor, Human Development and Family Science – “Colorizing the Experiences of People of Color: How Skin Tone Impacts Family Dynamics, Romantic Relationships, and Health”
  • Dr. Victoria Vieira-Potter, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology- “The Science of Fat: To Love or to Loathe”
  • “Authorship and Peer-Reviewed Literature”
  • “Strengthening Your Personal Statement: Top 10 To-Do’s”
  • “Undergrad to Grad Student: Preparing for and navigating the transition”


Summer Research Areas for Non-MU students:forum


Summer Research Areas for MU Students:

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