Summer Research Internship Program

Join an undergraduate community of 90+ students with access to more than 40 professional and developmental workshops, made possible by 1,000+ researchers at MU working to promote discovery for animal and human health, food, physical sciences, and the environment.

Summer 2019 Info (coming in December 2018!)

Summer 2019 Application (coming in December 2018!)

About the program:Summer 2016 Interns

  • 9 weeks (May 28 – July 27, 2019)
  • Stipends starting from $3,400
Some programs provide:
  • On-campus housing
  • Meal plan
  • Transportation to and from Columbia, MO for the program

Professional Development and Social Activities:


  • Weekly workshops and seminars
  • Small group seminars of the students’ choosing
  • Intern & Mentor BBQ, trivia night, team-building challenges, and other social activities
  • Graduate Program Expo
  • Poster Forum to present research at the conclusion of the program

2018 Summer Seminars:

  • Dr. Michele Kennett, Office of Research – “Responsible Conduct of Research”
  • Dr. Charlotte Phillips, Biochemistry – “Responsible Conduct of Research”
  • Dr. Angela Speck, Physics, – “Science Communication and Outreach”
  • Dr. Laura Page – “Three Minute Thesis”
  • Dr. Tim Evans, Veterinary Pathobiology – “Making Research Relevant:Why the Model Matters”
  • Dr. Enos Inniss, Civil and Environmental Engineering – “The One Water Concept: Is wastewater, drinking water, and storm water not the same?”
  • Dr. Gavin King, Physics and Astronomy – “Adventures in Single Molecule Biophysics”
  • Dr. Jonathan Dyer, Pediatric Dermatology – “Spider Bites, Teledermatology and Genetically-Inherited Diseases: My Life as a Pediatric Dermatologist”
  • Dr. Antoinette Landor, Human Development and Family Science – “Colorizing the Experiences of People of Color: How Skin Tone Impacts Family Dynamics, Romantic Relationships, and Health”
  • Hallie Thompson, Plant Sciences – TBD
  • Dr. Victoria Vieira-Potter, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology- “The Science of Fat: To Love or to Loathe”
  • “Authorship and Peer-Reviewed Literature”
  • “Strengthening Your Personal Statement: Top 10 To-Do’s”
  • “Undergrad to Grad Student:Preparing for and navigating the transition”

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