Student Resources

MU is one of the country’s top research universities. There are plenty of opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in research, scholarship, and creative activity. Students work with faculty mentors, graduate students, and peers to discover knowledge across campus. Undergraduate research can be a transformational experience during your time at MU.

Undergraduate Research at MU isn’t just for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students! All undergraduates can get involved in research, scholarship, and creative scholarship regardless of a student’s academic year, major, or interests. There are many opportunities in research, scholarship, and creative activity at Mizzou. We encourage students to be proactive with their research goals and to reach out to their advisors, instructors, and fellow students to make their own path.

The resources found in the navigation panel to the right are designed to help students at any step in their research career!

And if you are thinking of graduate school, or an advanced degree in the STEM fields we recommend that you check out the Student Guide to Prepare for a Successful NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Application page.