The Undergraduate Research workshops are designed to help students prepare for, and reach their research goals. In addition to some of the more advanced topics, many of the workshops and trainings are designed for students new to research.

Students who attend five or more workshops over the course of a single semester will be recognized with their S.T.A.R.!

For more on dates, times, and Zoom links for upcoming workshops, check on MU Engage.

Are you interested in research/creative scholarship? Don’t know what that really means, or where to begin? Join us to learn about opportunities at MU, how you can participate, and what to do to get started. Suggestions on contacting potential mentors will be covered.

Knowing how, when and what to communicate with your faculty mentor is key to developing a productive and positive relationship.  Information on preparing to meet with your mentor, how to get feedback, mentor expectations, and potential problems will be covered.

Are you wondering if you have the ability to contribute to research and scholarly activities at MU? What attitudes, skills, and behaviors are most important for success? A panel of undergraduates will discuss their experiences and offer concrete suggestions on how to become an accepted and contributing research team member no matter your prior experience. This session will be especially helpful for students and those new to research.

An overview of the 10+ undergraduate research programs at MU and other opportunities available to undergraduate researchers.   Information on eligibility, deadlines, applications and benefits will be shared.

Hear from alumni who participated in research as undergraduates at MU and learn how they leveraged their experiences into graduate and professional school and their current careers. Alumni will be from a variety of disciplines and announced at a future date.

Have you been conducting research/creative scholarship? Are you going to present your work to a group, at a conference, or at a ‘poster’ session? In this workshop, you will learn how to best deliver your results to the intended audience. Discussions will include writing your abstract and determining the best visual method for the presentation (poster, PowerPoint slides, or video.) Some discussion on the content of the presentation will be addressed.

Part 1 of Research Ethics and discussion of questionable research practices. Appropriate for all disciplines.

Part 2 of Research Ethics and discussion of questionable research practices.  Appropriate for all disciplines.

Insider tips and informal rules of working in a research laboratory setting.  This is an excellent session for students planning to work in science labs

Research teams at MU will include graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and research staff in addition to faculty and undergraduates. This session is designed to help you bridge generational, cultural, and gender gaps so that you can develop meaningful relationships with your team members. Suggestions on how to learn more about someone’s background and life experiences will be discussed.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to design your visual research presentation. Whether a poster or PowerPoint presentation, this workshop will provide you with guidelines and tips to create a visual product that will inform your audience without overwhelming them. Aspects of video creation will also be covered as there is an overlap when creating a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover.

Are you an artist looking to create your portfolio? In this digital age, and strengthened due to the pandemic virtual communications and presentations have soared. Join us to learn how as an artist to best communicate yourself and your art in video format.

Overview of policies for doing research with humans. This is a good session for students who will need to complete Human Subjects Research Training to do survey or interview research.