Applying for the Forum

MU’s Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum showcases student research and scholarly, creative achievements to the campus and local community. MU undergraduates from any major and all academic levels are eligible to present their work.

Prior to submitting your application:

  • Review the submission categories with your MU faculty mentor to determine which one best fits your submission
  • Confirm the appropriate listing for your faculty mentor’s full name and academic department
  • Look up, or double-check, the official listing of your academic major and/or minor
  • Determine your poster and abstract title (15, or fewer, words)
  • Determine the appropriate listing of your poster and abstract authors
  • If you receive any compensation for your work, confirm with your faculty mentor the source of that funding
  • Ask your faculty mentor if your abstract may be published online
  • Confirm that your abstract is 300, or fewer, words

Forum Categories

  • Artistic Expression – Visual art pieces, fashion design, music, theater, and creative writing.  Performance-based projects will also be included in this category.
  • Applied Design – projects that solve a problem with an original design solution including, but not limited to, design projects for theater, architectural studies, photojournalism, graphic design, and advertising
  • Humanities – projects using methods appropriate to study modern and ancient languages, literature, history, philosophy, religion, culture, journalism and other humanities disciplines
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences – projects using research methods appropriate to human behavior and social systems including, but not limited to, psychology, anthropology, sociology, education, public health, economics, political sciences, communication studies, journalism, and business
  • Life Sciences – lab-based, field-based, or theoretical projects answering basic and applied questions in biology, biochemistry, ecology, biomedicine, etc.
  • Physical Sciences & Mathematics – experimental and theoretical research in the natural sciences and mathematical sciences, excluding the life sciences
  • Engineering Sciences – experimental and applied research designed to understand and build effective structures, systems, and processes

Abstracts & Presentations

Abstracts and Artist Statements cannot exceed 300 words.

  • Artistic Expression Projects: Students should submit artist statements as their abstracts.  Artist statements should introduce to the art, performance, or creative work and include information on media and methods in creating the pieces.  The statements should also include a description of the inspiration for the work, the meaning the work signifies to the artist, the artistic influences, and any unique methods used to create the pieces.  Students are encouraged to explain the connections of the work with their inspirations or themes.  The statements should be specific to the work presented and not a general statements about the students’ artistic philosophies and approaches.  Effective artist statements should provide the viewer with information to better understand the work of the artists.  If presentations are based on previous performances, then students may include reflections on the performance experiences and audience reactions.
  • Applied Design Projects: Abstracts should describe the nature of the project or piece (ex:  architectural images used for a charrette, fashion plates, advertising campaign story boards) and its intended purpose.  Students should describe the project or problem that they addressed and limitations and challenges that impact the design process.  Students may wish to include research conducted to provide context for the project and inform the design process. A description of the clients/end users may be included.  Information on inspirations, motivations, and influences may also be included as appropriate to the discipline and project.  A description of the project outcome should be included.
  • Research Projects: Abstracts should include a short introduction or background to put the research into context; purpose of the research project; a problem statement or thesis; a brief description of materials, methods, or subjects (as appropriate for the discipline); results and analysis; conclusions and implications; and recommendations.  For research projects still in progress at the time of abstract submission, students may opt to indicate that results and conclusions will be presented [at the Forum].

The Fall 2020 Forum application will open by October 7th, 2020.

            Application closes November 18th, 2020 at 11:59pm –The 2020 Fall Forum will be an online exhibition to showcase the scholarship and creative activities of Mizzou students. Hosted in collaboration with the MU Libraries, the online format will allow for a robust and interactive display of your project! Visitors to the Forum (from Mizzou and the public), will be able to submit comments and questions, to which presenters will be able to respond. Digital presentation materials will be permanently archived by the MU Libraries, and should be considered an important part of your portfolio of undergraduate work.

To mirror the ways in which scholarly societies are adjusting to communicate their work, we strongly encourage presenters to submit a written abstract or artist’s statement AND a 3-5 minute video summarizing their work. Students wishing to display visual art and design projects should also submit high-quality image(s) of their finished piece.

Visit the 2020 Summer Forum to see examples of previous projects exhibited.

The open commenting period will run from Wed., December 9th thru Tues., Dec. 15th – students should plan on visiting their own exhibition at least once each of these days to respond to comments/questions.

Please contact with questions.