What is the Office of Undergraduate Research?

Interdisciplinary Studies 2950: Introduction to Research, Scholarship and Discovery

This course introduces undergraduates to scholarly and creative activities being conducted by faculty from disciplines across campus and encourages students to identify their interests in research and creative work. Through field trips and visits with MU scholars, students in this course will be exposed to scholarly activities in the fields of science and engineering, the fine arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences. Using online discussions, students will discuss some of the ethical implications surrounding the creation of art and generation of scientific knowledge. The various steps in the process of discovery and dissemination of new knowledge will be explored.

1 credit – 5 week course offered in Fall and Spring semesters.

Communication 4420W: Communicating Research and Scholarship

This Communication course is for undergraduate researchers, scholars, and artists to enhance communicating their research and scholarship to a variety of audiences and in multiple modes of communication. Students will use their own research, scholarly interests, and creative projects to create several communication pieces that may include abstracts/artist statements, press releases, elevator talks, manuscripts, presentations, posters, and short videos.

3 credits – Writing Intensive

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing. Permission from instructor. (Comm 4420W)

News and Profiles


Mason Ward and bug

Taking a Chance

Mason Ward's research portfolio has earned him two awards from the Entomological Society of America


Research Profile 4: Dr. Pamela Brown

**Full Interview Down Below How do things grow? For many of us, this question is an afterthought, completely irrelevant behind questions like “Where’s the nearest pizza restaurant?” or “What would happen if I had to survive a zombie outbreak?” While…


August Hemmerla has studied in Ecuador and China

A Passion for Learning

Learning Center tutor August Hemmerla is one of 10 Cherng Summer Scholarship recipients from the MU Honors College.