Communication 4420W/4420HW: Communicating Research and Scholarship

Course description

This course is designed for jr/sr undergraduate researchers, scholars, and artists to enhance communicating their research and scholarship to a variety of audiences and in multiple modes of communication. Students will use their own research and creative projects to create several communication pieces that may include abstracts/artist statements, press releases, elevator talks, manuscripts, presentations, posters, and short videos.

3 credits – Writing Intensive, Honors credit option

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing. Permission from instructor. (Comm 4420W)

This class is taught during the Fall semester

What you will do

Students will be expected to present their current research/work at end of the semester and attend a select number of campus presentation events such as research seminars, artist gallery talks, poster sessions, and public talks to explore how others communicate their work. Students in the class will provide peer feedback throughout the semester. Upon completion of the course, students will have experienced communicating their own research/creative projects using a variety of methods to a range of audiences.

Topics and assignments may include
  • Writing abstracts or artist statements
  • Outlining a presentation of your research
  • Designing a poster for different audiences
  • Interviewing faculty about communication tips
  • Following the process of publishing a manuscript in your field
  • Developing a short pitch to promote your research
  • and more…

Dr. Linda Blockus, Undergraduate Research

Dr. Amy Lannin, Campus Writing Program, English Education

To register, requires consent from the instructor. Email Dr. Linda Blockus to get a permission number.