Undergraduate Mentor Award


Any regular MU faculty member, post-doctoral fellow, graduate student or research staff whose mentee plans to present their research at the 2023 Spring Research & Creative Achievements Forum or at the 2023 Visual Art and Design Showcase is eligible for consideration. Previous winners will not be eligible again for a period of five years.

Nominations may come from current students, peers or faculty colleagues. Persons wishing to nominate an individual for this award should submit their nomination by noon on Tuesday, April 11th.

To nominate someone you will be asked:
  • Your name and information
  • The mentor’s name and information
  • How long you have worked with the mentor
  • If others will support or nominate this mentor? (To your knowledge.)
  • To provide a short essay describing why you believe that this person is deserving of the Undergraduate Research Mentor Award
  • List any accomplishments that you, or undergraduates have earned under the guidance of this mentor

    Winner(s) will be announced at the 2023 Show Me Research Week Closing Ceremony held on Friday, April 21st at 3pm in Monsanto Auditorium.

    • 2022: Omiya Hassan and Christopher Josey
    • 2021: Pam Brown
    • 2020: Mili Kuruvilla-Dugdale and Antoinette Landor
    • 2019: Ferris Pfeiffer and Paula McSteen
    • 2018: Antje Heese and Aaron Stoker
    • 2017: Chris Wikle and Michael Marlo
    • 2016: Donald Burke and Stacy Wagovich
    • 2015: D Cornelison and Daniel Domingues
    • 2014: Nicole Campione-Barr and Heather Hunt
    • 2013: J. Chris Pires and Matthew Bernards
    • 2012: William Folk and Sheila Grant
    • 2011: Nancy West and Andrew McClellan
    • 2010: Rocio Rivera and John Viator
    • 2009: Kathleen Newton and Charlotte Phillips
    • 2008: Judy Wall and Chris Pires
    • 2007: Cathleen Kovarik and Paul Bolls
    • 2006: Christopher Hardin and Judith Goodman