Displaying Your Work

Poster Format Information

  • The board you will pin your poster on is 45″ x 45″ (pins will be provided).
  • Many large format printers are limited to 41″ in height. Therefore, your poster may be 41″ x 45″. Check with the printing facility you will be using.

Most students will prepare a poster that will be displayed on a 45”x45” cork board. Push pins will be provided.  Posters may follow the format of a typical research poster. Posters may also be used to visually communicate the nature of your project, results, and reflections – this approach is particularly well suited to artistic performances or multi-piece design projects. Students may opt to display a small object related to their research and scholarship on a small table next to their poster. Examples of objects may include a 3-D model of a chemical module, jaw bones of reptiles for comparative purposes, or prototypes of new designs for artificial limbs. Students may also find that a laptop computer or iPad will provide relevant digital images or performances to their projects. Digital images should be used to illustrate examples that cannot be easily shown on a poster. These images should not take the place of a poster. [Students will not be permitted to only show digital images on a laptop in lieu of a poster. Students can use the poster space to describe the following: the context of the project, the nature of the project, the methods or experience, and results or reflections.]

Need to know where to print a poster?  Click Here


Artistic Expression, Design & Performance Art Display Information

Students with performing arts projects may find that a short excerpt of the performance recorded on an iPad or laptop will complement their project poster. Some 3-D projects, such as architectural design or theater set design, are best displayed on a larger table top with accompanying printed descriptions displayed on a poster or easel or built in as part of the 3-D project display. Many artistic expression or design projects are best displayed as the final product (i.e., fashion design on a mannequin, ceramic sculpture on a pedestal, framed painting) and may be displayed as such, along with an accompanying printed description and artist statement.

The Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum is not currently set-up to accommodate performances or podium presentations. Please contact the Undergraduate Research Staff if you need suggestions on how your can participate with your project in a way that can be accommodated.