Research Profile 5: Dr. Lincoln Sheets

Who gets sick? Why? How can we predict who’s most likely to need hospitalization? 

 These are just some of the questions researchers in health management and informatics hope to answer. Rather than looking at a patient on an individual level, these researchers look at healthcare on the systems level. How do cities, states and countries best allocate their health care resources? How can they predict who is at risk, and what they are at risk of? 

 Dr. Lincoln Sheets is an assistant research professor working in the Health Management and Informatics Department, within the University of Missouri School of Medicine. With a background in predicting risk as a software engineer for insurance companies, he now predicts risk on the patient care side of the healthcare industry. 

 Dr. Sheets’ work is all about preventative and predictive care, and finding out what part of the community can best utilize help. Dr. Sheets has been studying how to use big-data in healthcare informatics for 10 years now, and is interested in the social determinants of health. Based on your education level, social class, or your access to healthcare, your treatment can be tailored to your needs. 

 Dr. Lincoln Sheets provides a unique point of view on healthcare, having worked on both sides of the industry. He has also been a mentor to many students through the Office of Undergraduate Reasearch’s programs, and has worked with students from across the globe. Watch below to learn more about Dr. Lincoln Sheet’s views on big-data in healthcare, the benefits of being a researcher at Mizzou, and much more. 

Watch the Profile here: