Forum to Feature Record Number of Presenters

On Tuesday, April 26, a record 360 MU undergraduate students will present their research and creative works at the annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Spring Forum. The students will display their work from 1:30-5 p.m. in the McQuinn Atrium of the Bond Life Sciences Center. Students from majors from all across campus will participate with a wide variety of projects being presented.


The list of projects in the Forum include:

  • Hydrogen as an alternate fuel source
  • Middle school bullying
  • Concrete bridge safety
  • Seedling growth in maize
  • Effects of a high protein breakfast
  • French women’s fashion during Nazi occupation
  • Patterns of U.S. Senate retirements
  • Genetic diversity of pine trees in Missouri
  • Making ice cream better for diabetics
  • Political attitudes of young adult consumers
  • Improving highway safety
  • Crayfish dominance behavior
  • Spiritual questions in Harry Potter
  • Reducing damage after traumatic brain injuries
  • Social competency of autistic teens
  • Seismic activity in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Teaching math to preschoolers using physical activity
  • Rock glacier movement in Colorado
  • Measuring protein in prostate cancer cells
  • Exploring mental illness through art

Students in the Forum are eligible to compete for the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements. All student participants, as well as the Hesburgh Award winners, the Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research winners and the Outstanding Undergraduate Mentor Award winners will be honored at the Recognition Ceremony at 12:05 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27 in McQuinn Auditorium of the Bond Life Sciences Center.

There are 360 students presenting at the Forum, which is 11% up from 2015 and 46% up from 2011. 110 Honors College students are presenting. 22 Freshmen, 44 Sophomores, 100 Juniors, and 194 Seniors are participating, which are all records except for the Juniors.

Geographic Location: 258 students are from Missouri, with nearly 40 counties represented. 78 students are from other states. 24 students are international.