Group Travel Form – MU Faculty Only

Travel support for undergraduate scholars has been discontinued until further notice as a result of budgetary constraints.

(No group awards, nor individual student awards.)

If you are a faculty mentor with 3 or more undergraduates traveling to the same conference, either as part of a research team or part of an organized program, a group travel application should be submitted rather than individual applications.  Student eligibility and requirements remain the same as for individual awards; however, a group application will be more efficient for the faculty sponsor and the Undergraduate Research Office to process.  Since students will be traveling as a group, the amount awarded may be adjusted to reflect the savings in shared travel expenses.

The faculty mentor may ask a student to gather the required documentation for them.

Here is a list of the items you will need to provide for your group travel application (link below):

  • A copy of each students abstract (with titles and authors). If more than one student is on an abstract, only one abstract needs to be submitted per group.
  • A letter from the faculty mentor/sponsor outlining the value of the meeting to participating students.  This letter should include any information on plans for pre-departure preparation and post-travel discussion with the students to maximize their experience.  Additional student expectations should be included (e.g.,  students are expected to attend at least 3 professional development workshops and both of the keynote talks).
  • An itemized budget of estimated expenses, including how travel, housing and registration will be coordinated. Please also provide information on additional sources of funding the group expects to receive.
  • Supporting documents (e.g., conference registration expenses, airfare documentation, etc.)
  • A description of how expenses will be covered or reimbursed (e.g., the department will initially pay for registration for all students and expenses would be transferred to Undergraduate Research if approved; the group will travel in a van and the driver will be reimbursed for mileage), including who will be reimbursed if not the students or faculty mentor/sponsor.
  • Information on this spreadsheet
  • Cover page

Photos of the group at the conference are welcome for use for publicity by the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Group Travel Application

Please note: It is important for students travelling for a research/scholarship experience outside of Missouri whose travel meets certain criteria MUST register their travel. For more information please visit Mizzou International Programs.