2021 Fall Research Day

The Office of Undergraduate Research will host the Fall Undergraduate Research Day, combining the Fall Forum and Class Research Project Day. If you are teaching a course that includes a scholarly research project as a requirement, this event is an opportunity for undergraduates to present their projects in a more public and formal venue. Individual students wishing to present their scholarship and research are encouraged to participate. This is a great opportunity to practice presentations for academic conferences!

We are excited to again host this online event using a special Canvas site*. Some benefits of this format include:

• In addition to traditional posters, students can present their work in a variety of creative modalities.

• LOTS of engagement and feedback! Over the course of three days of open commenting during the Fall 2020 Day, student projects from 10 classes garnered more than 800 comments and questions!

• Larger audience: Students from ALL participating classes are able to view all projects.

• Invite guests: Although Canvas is not open to the public, you can request graduate students, faculty colleagues and department chairs be invited to      engage with your students.

• Logistical assistance: Staff from the Office of Undergraduate Research will set up the special Canvas site and help upload student project submissions.

• Learning opportunities: In addition to presenting, students can be assigned to view and engage with other presenters in different disciplines.

Important dates:

o Deadline for instructors and individuals to indicate interest in participation: Monday, November 19, 2021.  Apply here!
o Deadline for students to upload presentation into Canvas site: Friday, December 3 @ 5pm
o Canvas ‘event’ opens: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
o Open commenting period: December 8-10, 2021