2016 Summer Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum

The Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Summer Forum took place from 1:30-3:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 28, 2016 in McQuinn Atrium of the Bond Life Sciences Center.

The Forum showcased the work of 125 undergraduates who had been engaged in research over the summer. This included Mizzou students along with visiting students form universities and colleges around the country and around the world including Missouri S&T, Clemson, Vanderbilt, Kansas, Truman State, Arizona State, Washington University, Oklahoma State, UCLA, University of the Virgin Islands, Universidad Metropolitana (Puerto Rico) and University of Western Cape (South Africa), among others.

Project topics include:

  • Assessment of spinal cord injury model inducing neuopatic pain in rodents
  • Weight loss and uric acid: From biochemistry to chemical measures of cardiovascular risk
  • Global analysis on autism spectrum disorders gene candidates
  • Effects of dry and wet conditions during the pre-weaning phase on subsequent feedlot performance and carcass composition in beef cattle
  • Gender differences in subjective effects of alcohol
  • Two-stage augmented resource allocation in mass casualty scenarios
  • Soil quality in watersheds influenced by cover crops, slope position and soil depth
  • Computational modeling of articular cartilage
  • Case study of weather events using the Columbia radar compared to St. Louis radar
  • Examining the relationships between paced breathing, cognition and cardiovascular functioning
  • The role of RNA Helicase A in HIV-1 Reverse Transcription
  • State party social media performance: A comparative analysis
  • Bioprinting scaffolds for articular cartilage repair
  • The effects of digit repetition in phone-number-like numbers on working memory recall