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Student Research Assistant

Division of Biological Sciences

Position Information


Two or more Student Research Assistants (RA) are needed to work in a maize genetics lab this summer (mid-May to mid-August) to assist in a combination of field and lab based research. RA will be responsible for analyzing, dissecting and pollinating corn, photographing plants and taking field notes such as stand counts, plant height, branch, spikelet and ear number, days to anthesis etc. Other field related duties include but are not limited to: helping to hand plant, occasional weeding, staking and tagging plants etc. Seed processing related duties may include, shelling corn, counting seeds and organizing seed packets etc. RA will also assist with laboratory tasks such as tissue collection, DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis and data entry. Other general lab duties include but are not limited to washing dishes, autoclaving, making solutions and maintaining a clean work environment.

* Car not required but it is preferred.

Required Skills

Applicants must be available to work outdoors, sometimes starting at 7 a.m., from mid-May to mid-August. This position requires excellent observational, record keeping, organizational, and troubleshooting skills in addition to basic computer skills (e.g. Microsoft Word & Excel). The job candidate should also be able to work well with others or independently with preference given to those possessing a positive attitude.

Preferred Qualifications

Life Sciences major preferred

Faculty Mentor or Sponsor

Other Comments

If interested, send an email to Michaela Matthes ( with a brief CV/resume, an unofficial transcript, and any lab and/or farming experience. Please include "Student Research Assistant" in the subject line.

We encourage students to include a resume or transcript when e-mailing a faculty mentor to apply for a posted position.