Field Research Assistant

Position Information

Job Duties

The Field Research Assistant (FRA) will be responsible for taking field and seed lab notes including soybean flower color, pubescence color, maturity, lodging, plant height, plant stand counts, soil samples, seed weight, and other field notes associated with a soybean breeding program. FRA will also assist with laboratory tasks such as tissue collection, DNA extraction and/or fatty acid extraction. Other FRA duties include, but are not limited to: seed cleaning and quality control, working on planter and combine crews during the planting and harvest seasons, cross-pollination of soybean lines to produce hybrid lines, weeding and maintenance of field plots, and maintaining a clean work environment when needed. 

Required Skills

This position will report to Bay Farm (near Bradford Research & Extension Center – approximately 9 miles southeast of MU campus), so personal transportation is required.  Applicants must be able to work outdoors between 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and/or 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Monday-Friday).  At least 1 shift (4 total hours minimum) per week are required, and more hours may be available during summer. This position requires excellent observational, record keeping, organizational, and troubleshooting skills in addition to basic computer skills (e.g. Microsoft Word & Excel).  The job candidate should also be able to work well with others or independently with preference given to those possessing a positive attitude.

Preferred Qualifications

Other Comments

If interested, send an email to Dr. Andrew Scaboo ( with the following information: name, year in school, major, shifts available to work, an unofficial transcript, resume, and any plant breeding and/or farming experience. Please include “Field Research Assistant” in the subject line

We encourage students to include a resume or transcript when e-mailing a faculty mentor to apply for a posted position.