BioInformatics in Plants (BIPS)

Over the last decade, biology and computer science have become more integrated than ever before and the need to train students in both fields is increasing.

In BIPS we pair students from computer science and plant science with the goal of developing and completing a joint project using both of their skill sets.

Through field trips and workshops, students learn skills from the fields of both computer and plant science, regardless of their major.

Aim of the Program

  • Introduce students to potential careers where working together in plant science and computer science is important.
  • Develop workshops in both biology and computer science to gain hands on skills and experience for the students.
  • Challenge students to understand what their partner does by presenting what each other is working on.

Project Types

  • High-Throughout Plant Phenotyping
  • Imaging of Crambe: A Non-Model Orphan Croo
  • Development of an eFP Browser
  • Transcriptional Meta-Analysis of Glycine max
    BIPS students visiting plant CV