Undergraduate Research Week at Mizzou

Undergraduate Research Week @ Mizou

April 19 – 24, 2021


To recognize the scholarship and research being conducted by undergraduate students on the Mizzou campus, as well as the faculty who take great care and time to mentor them, Undergraduate Research Week at Mizzou will highlight and showcase many of the projects and works being conducted on the MU campus.

With a variety of events and programming, the Office of Undergraduate Research welcomes everyone at MU to join us in celebrating the students and the faculty who make Mizzou a Tier 1 Research Institution.

The Spring Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievements Forum will be the main event of URW@Mizzou (Undergraduate Research Week at Mizzou); however, we are proud to introduce a new component of the Forum as part of URW@Mizzou – the Humanities Symposium. The Humanities Symposium is a specific arena for scholarship in the humanities (Black Studies, History, Archaeology, English, Art, Digital Storytelling, and Classical Studies to name a few fields) to be presented in a manner that is conducive to those disciplines.

For 2021, the Humanities Symposium is being sponsored by the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies. Department Chair, Dr. Linda Reeder, has been integral in collaborating with the Office of Undergraduate Research to make this happen. This year, the symposium’s theme is, “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Health,” and students across many disciplines whose work centers on health and the processes of providing health services will be featured in the symposium.

Programming and Events

Feb 23, 2021 – Additional events and programming yet to be added

All week, April 19 – 24

2021 Visual Art & Design Showcase Winning Projects on display at the Columbia Art League, (gallery is open Tues-Sat 12-4pm)

Monday, April 19
1:00 pm – “Research in the Arts” panel discussion with Drs. Katina Bitsicas (Digital Storytelling), Linda Helmick (Education), and Claire Syler (Theatre)

4:30 pm – “Putting Research on Your Resumé” workshop led by Laura Peiter from the Career Center.

5:00 pm – Screening of videos from VADS 2021 at RagTag Cinema.

Tuesday, April 20

1:00 pm – “Models of Outstanding Research Mentorship at Mizzou” panel discussion with Drs. Antoinette Landor (HDFS), Nicole Campione-Barr (Psychology), Aaron Stoker (School of Medicine), and Michael Marlo (English)

4:00 pm – Humanities Symposium: Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kaleea Lewis
Dr. Lewis draws extensively from critical race theory (CRT), sociological theories of race and racism, and a social determinants of health framework. Her research broadly explores how systems of power and oppression emerge in the lived experiences of Black emerging adults and impact their mental health and mental health help seeking behaviors.

Wednesday, April 21

Noon – “Undergraduate Research Alumni” panel discussion with Reagan Bluel (Animal Science ’03), Dana Duren (Anthropology ’93), Sarah Pribe (English ’20), and Sital Uprety (Civil Engineering ’14)

2021 Spring Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum ‘goes live’

Thursday, April 22

2021 Spring Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum open for commenting

3:30 pm – Humanities Symposium: Student Panel Discussion

Friday, April 23

2021 Spring Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum continues

3:30 -5:00 pm Closing ceremonies for Undergraduate Research Week at Mizzou

Speakers include:
– Dr. Thomas Spencer, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
– Dr. James Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Events include:
– Outstanding 2021 Spring Forum abstracts recognized by Campus Writing Program
– 2021 Visual Art & Design Showcase Mentor Awards
– Faculty Mentor of the Year Award
– People’s Choice Award – 2021 Visual Art & Design Showcase – winner announced
– Recognition of S.T.A.R. recipients