Summer Research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Biochemistry at Missouri is noted for interdisciplinary research and effective instruction. The two are interwoven to provide excellence in both. Even our name spans biology and chemistry. In the same spirit, the Department spans many other interfaces. For instance, we are part of both the School of Medicine and the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and share faculty with more than five other departments as well as with the interdisciplinary Bond Life Sciences Center.

Our faculty members are internationally known researchers and prize-winning teachers, including two members of the National Academy of Sciences and multiple members of disciplinary academies and honorary organizations.  More than thirty faculty conduct research in Gene Expression; Molecular Medicine; Plant Sciences; Receptors and Signaling; Macromolecular Synthesis, Assembly and Localization; Structural and Chemical Biology; Proteomics, Genomics and Combinatorial Chemistry; Enzymology, Nutrition and Metabolism.

The Biochemistry Summer Research Program seeks undergraduates from other institutions who are interested in exploring graduate education opportunities in Biochemistry at MU while conducting full-time research with an MU Biochemistry faculty member.

Download Info and Fillable Application (PDF)


  • Applicants must meet basic eligibility requirements.
  • Students must be planning on pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry.
  • Students are expected to have completed two years of college (including two semesters of organic chemistry) and have earned a minimum of a 3.0 GPA


Students live in on-campus, air-conditioned housing (double rooms), and receive a meal plan, covered by the program.  Summer interns also are provided with one hour of academic/research credit, travel to and from Columbia, and a stipend of $3,800.

Please visit the department website for a list of faculty members and their research areas before completing your application form.