Summer Research Internship in Animal Sciences

The objective of the Summer Research Internship in Animal Sciences program is to introduce students to animal sciences research, emphasizing food and fiber producing animals. Animal Sciences faculty research a variety of areas, including: ruminant and nonruminant nutrition; reproductive physiology; genetics and molecular biology; environmental physiology; and production & management. Each student will be working directly within a laboratory under the supervision of an internationally recognized researcher. The participant will gain an understanding of recent advances in basic science and applied animal sciences research. Students will receive a stipend of $3800.


Applicants must meet the basic eligibility requirements of the Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Students are expected to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and have completed 2 years of college. Selection is partially based on the applicant’s potential and motivation for future graduate study (PhD level) in animal sciences.

Application Information

The deadline to apply is February 20, 2022. Students must complete the application form and provide an unofficial transcript (including Fall 2021 grades); letters of recommendation (two preferred); a resume; and a personal statement indicating career plans, prior research experience, and research interests. If completed online, documents will be submitted with the online application. For application packets sent via e-mail, the application form and other documents may be sent to Letters of recommendation may be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Research via e-mail. Questions can be directed to the MU Office of Undergraduate Research via e-mail or phone, 573-882-5979.

Faculty Mentors

Students will list up to eight (8) faculty with whom they are interested in working on their application.

  • Ahmed Balboula, Early Embryonic Development
  • Derek Brake, Ruminant Nutrition and Nutritional Physiology
  • Nichole Chapel, Animal Well-Being
  • Jared Decker,Beef genomics
  • Christine Elsik, Computational genomics
  • Jeffre D. Firman, Poultry physiology & nutrition
  • Rodney D. Geisert, Reproductive physiology-swine
  • Jonathan Green, Molecular biology
  • Carol Lorenzen, Meat science
  • Dennis Lubahn, Nutritional aspects of estrogen & hedgehog signaling in reproduction & cancer
  • Mathew Lucy, Molecular endocrinology
  • Tom McFadden, Lactational physiology
  • Allison Meyer, Ruminant nutrition
  • Amanda Patterson, Reproductive Physiology and Uterine Biology
  • David Patterson, Extension beef cattle reproduction
  • Randall Prather, Reproductive physiology/molecular biology
  • Rocio Rivera, Animal molecular & cell biology
  • R. Michael Roberts, Molecular biochemistry
  • Tim Safranski, Extension-swine breeding & genetics
  • Robert Schnabel, Genetics
  • Marcia Carlson Shannon, Extension-swine nutrition
  • Michael Smith, Reproductive physiology
  • Tom Spencer, Reproductive Biology & Genomics
  • Peter Sutovsky, Molecular/cell/development biology
  • Jordan Thomas, Applied Reproductive Physiology of Beef Cattle
  • Kathy Sharpe Timms, Infertility & endometriosis
  • Wes Warren, Comparative Genomics
  • Kevin Wells, Genetics
  • Byron Wiegand, Meat sciences


Please visit the Animal Sciences website for comprehensive lists of faculty members & their research before completing your application.


Summer 2022 Program Information          Summer 2022 Online Application


For more information, contact the MU Office of Undergraduate Research, 150 Bond Life Sciences Center, 573-882-5979,; or William Lamberson, PhD, 159 Animal Sciences Research Center, 573-882-8234,