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Undergraduate Research Assistant – Wound Imaging


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Approximately 500,000 patients are hospitalized for burn wounds in the United States annually. For these patients, diagnoses are performed via qualitative, clinical assessment, which is accurate in only 65-70% of cases. Misdiagnoses can lead to longer patient recovery times, reduced patient outcomes, and higher costs. Therefore, the ability to quantify burn metrics, such as wound depth, non-invasively could greatly improve the accuracy of clinical assessments and lead to better patient outcomes. To do this, imaging techniques, such as Photoacoustic Computed Tomography (PACT), could be employed. PACT is an imaging modality that has been used for imaging structures within the skin, and has been used in several pre-clinical trials to image tumors. PACT can also monitor blood flow and oxygenation, making it uniquely situated to monitor burn wounds by identifying burn wound zones. We are developing a handheld, PACT imaging system that can accurately and with high precision image, in 3D, the wound bed of a burn wound, providing clinicians with a quantitative method of diagnosing burns. We are working with expert burn clinicians in the Trauma Center's Burn Ward at the University Hospital on this project.

We are looking for passionate, engaged undergraduate students who want to have a large impact on society. Students entering sophomore year through current juniors are encouraged to apply; students who are considering an integrated, five-year B.S. / M.S. will find this an excellent opportunity. We are looking for students in Physics, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering who are interested and / or have experience in medical imaging techniques, biophotonics, or optics. Students with demonstrable experience in SolidWorks, LabView, and Matlab are preferred. If you do not have LabView experience, but have a history of being able to pick up coding quickly, please also apply and note this.

Required Skills

SolidWorks (or equivalent 3D CAD program)

Preferred Qualifications

LabView (preferred)
3D printing (preferred)

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Please email Prof. Hunt with the following information:
1. Your resume
2. Your unofficial transcript

Do NOT call Prof. Hunt - questions via email only, please.

We encourage students to include a resume or transcript when e-mailing a faculty mentor to apply for a posted position.