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Laboratory Assistant

Plant Sciences

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Assist with the operations of the University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic. Responsibilities include plant sample preparation and processing, plant pathogen culturing and media preparation, and hands-on laboratory testing and plant disease diagnosis utilizing ELISA and PCR techniques. Also, will assist with receiving samples from walk-in clients, data entry, and laboratory cleaning and sterilization. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in helping people solve their plant health problems. Learn the most problematic plant issues in Missouri, and the diagnostic methods needed to accurately identify them. Gain critical laboratory skills for working with plant pathogens, including advanced serological techniques required in higher level research.

Required Skills

Must have a willingness to learn, positive attitude, be able to work independently, and be dependable.

Preferred Qualifications

Prior experience helpful but not required.

Faculty Mentor or Sponsor

Other Comments

Interested candidates should send resume and availability to Josephine Mgbechi-Ezeri by email: (573 882 3019)

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