Biomedical Undergraduate Research Assistant

Position Information

We are seeking a STEM undergraduate student volunteer to assist with research in the areas of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) and airway protective behaviors. This undergraduate will be expected to come to the laboratory at least once a week to assist with experiments and subsequent post hoc analysis.

Job Duties

1. Prepare solutions for use in fixing and cryoprotection of brain tissue

2. Serial sectioning of brainstem tissue using a cryostat

3. Mounting brainstem slices on glass slides and subsequent imaging using fluorescent microscopy

4. Data interpretation and presentation of results

Required Skills

This position will report to Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center. This position requires attention to detail and critical thinking skills. No prior experience is required but students should be in a STEM major.

Preferred Qualifications

Interest and curiosity in topics surrounding the brain, heart, and respiratory system. Experience with rodent handling.

Other Comments

If interested, please send an email to Dr. Sandy Saunders ( with the following information: Name, major, school year, schedule availability, resume, and a short description of why you are interested in this position. Please include ” Biomedical Undergraduate Research Assistant” in the subject of your email.

We encourage students to include a resume or transcript when e-mailing a faculty mentor to apply for a posted position.