Why Undergraduate Research?

“There is nothing more central to the mission of a university than activities associated with discovery, creation, innovation and scholarship. So, I think that what defines a great university is the integration of these activities into the entire fabric of the undergraduate experience. No activity accomplishes this more fully than involving undergraduates in research, and MU does this as well as any university I have seen in the nation.”

— Jim Coleman, Former Vice Chancellor for Research and Professor of Biology

Coaches often point out that participation in collegiate athletics makes a lasting contribution to students’ lives by building teamwork and character. In an excellent article titled, “Undergraduate Research: Showcasing Young Scholars” in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Sept. 12, 2003), David W. Chapman demonstrates how the benefits of undergraduate research parallel that assertion. By checking facts, forming carefully-worded hypotheses and supporting a particular viewpoint without becoming emotionally involved in it, students build a strong foundation for their future careers.

As a faculty member at Mizzou, you have a unique opportunity to bring undergraduate students into the fabric of academic life as they use research to explore, expand and understand their world.

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