Summer 2020 – Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum

The 2020 Summer Forum is now open for viewing!


The 2020 Summer Forum will be an online exhibition to showcase the scholarship and creative activities of Mizzou students. Hosted in collaboration with the MU Libraries, the online format will allow for a robust and interactive display of your project! Visitors to the Forum (from Mizzou and the public), will be able to submit comments and questions, to which presenters will be able to respond. Digital presentation materials will be permanently archived by the MU Libraries, and should be considered an important part of your portfolio of undergraduate work.

To mirror the ways in which scholarly societies are adjusting to communicate their work, we strongly encourage presenters to submit a written abstract or artist’s statement AND a 3-5 minute video summarizing their work. Students wishing to display visual art and design projects should also submit  high-quality image(s) of their finished piece (3 max.) Alternatively, presenters may submit any combination (one or all) of these supplemental materials: 1) 3-5 minute video; 2) pdf of traditional ‘poster’; 3) Powerpoint slides of presentation (lacking narration).

The open commenting period will run from Thurs., July 30th thru Wed., Aug. 5th – students should plan on visiting their own exhibition at least once each of these days to respond to comments/questions.

All undergraduate researchers and scholars are invited to participate in the Summer Forum. This would include students who are actively working with a mentor during the summer, as well as students who concluded their work in the spring, but were unable to present during the Spring Forum.

It is imperative that, prior to starting the application for the 2020 Summer Research & Creative Achievements Forum, you gather the following information:
  • With your MU faculty mentor, review the submission categories to determine which one best fits your submission
  • Confirm the appropriate listing for your faculty mentor’s full name and academic department
  • Look up, or double-check, the official listing of your academic major(s)
  • Determine your presentation title (15, or fewer, words)
  • Determine the appropriate listing of all authors
  • If you receive any compensation for your work, confirm with your faculty mentor the source of that funding
  • Ask your faculty mentor if your abstract/artist statement may be published online
  • Confirm that your abstract/artist statement is no more than 300 words
  • Make sure that your abstract/artist statement includes your name, title, and date of presentation (July 30, 2020)

July 20 – Application and abstract submission deadline

After submitting your application and abstract, you will receive confirmation email with additional information, including a link to upload your supplemental materials.

July 23rd, 12pm – Supplemental Videos, Posters, and PowerPoint presentations due for online exhibit

If you have questions please contact us at