Profile of Mollie Harrison

Mollie Harrison

Year in School


Major Degree Program / Department

Chemical Engineering

Faculty Mentor(s)

Dr. Bret Ulery, Biomedical, Biological, and Chemical Engineering

Why did you want to become an ambassador?

“When I first came to Mizzou, I knew nothing about undergraduate research. I didn’t know that tons of undergraduates across all disciplines are involved in research, or that those students were getting to make real scientific discoveries and not simply perform grunt work for graduate students. I was lucky to get involved with undergraduate research through Discovery Fellows early in my college career, and this involvement has completely changed my projected career path. Once a Pre-Med student, I now plan to earn my Ph.D. after I complete undergrad in order to pursue a career in research. I found my passion through undergraduate research, and I want to help other students at Mizzou do the same by being an Undergraduate Research Ambassador.”

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